How bright is your rainbow? Mine is censored and muted!

I was asked to temporarily delete “How bright is your rainbow?” I will be revising it soon. I am honoring that request because I respect and care about the person who asked me to remove it. I’m publicly apologizing for not always making it about me. I am not looking at this as a wound to my spirit (but it hurts), rather more as an opportunity for growth. I see this as a personal challenge and as a way to speak my truth without hurting others. I’m realizing that everyone isn’t as open about their lives as I am and that’s OK. As long as we can appreciate each other as individuals we can find peace within ourselves.


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One Response to How bright is your rainbow? Mine is censored and muted!

  1. Kendra says:

    Sorry Shannon, I know how hard it must be to put it all out there every week, and I never looked down at the other person you were talking about. It was more interesting for me to hear your thoughts. If I had been told not to ask questions I would feel like, Oh thanks for the warning! But Im also not the social inqusitor you are by any means! Not that thats a bad thing….

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