Snow Quilt

March 1, 2011, the second anniversary of my Maw-Maw’s death, and my thawing.

I wrote this poem for her to read at the funeral. I miss her but she hasn’t left me.

Absorbing, processing: at 90 came her last breath, as the first snow silenced the ground in intricate patterns quilting stillness. Thunder shuddered the sky as cold shapes of cotton floated down. The grayness turned into beauty by the song from above, with notes of goodness and peace all around.

Precious, pure and beautiful, as her exterior yielded, she became one with nature, back to the universe, part of God.

She- like the flurrying and swirling individual snow flakes- made up our whole. Unique, yet part of us all; she was the protective presence on all of our – snow covered quilts.

Poise, dignity, and grace, are merely definable words, her true self, her essence could only be felt. She was/ is our all-encompassing love, our teacher of love. We love ourselves because she was our Matriarch of love.

The sun will push through the dancing clouds, melting the cool, sheath on earth. Life will continue pulsing forward with rebirth and renewal. The birds will sing, flowers will bloom, and the pollen haze! The yellow of the pollen most certainly will bring a giggle to our belly and a smile to our faces, almost, but not quite as much as the fall leaves.

Everything around us in nature will always remind us of her, she was connected and present to the earth. She secretly knew things we still have to learn. She died in March, the month she referred to as the “lion.”

“March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb.”

She is with us and never forgotten.


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