Naked, Needy, Nasty, and of course, Nosey

Naked women were everywhere arms looped with breasts out leading the way. “Tall and tan, young and lovely” like the girls from Ipanema beach, the world’s sexiest beach. I wish I could tell you that I’m not lying, but that would be a long tale, however, sometimes I did utter “ahh” like the song, as the ladies walked by, or when they played topless volleyball, or swam naked in the ocean.

The tangy question on the buds of inquisitor’s tongues, “What was it like?” I know what they really mean is, “What were the women like? What did they look like?” I know we all have our own image of what Lesbians look like, as with most stereotypes, there’s a reason for them-groups of people overwhelmingly create them by adhering to certain identifying factors-to fit in, or because they innately exist, or conform due to pressure by association. In fact, a lot of women who travel with the “Olivia”-Lesbian Travel Group- do look typically Lesbian, however, there are plenty that don’t swim with the schools.

I was actually a little worried, “They’ll think I’m a phony, an imposture working undercover for a story (insert smirk) when in actuality, nobody really gives a rat’s whisker about anybody other than themselves. I’m a newbie, freshly hatched into the world of estrogen grinding fem fans. I was married to a man for almost 8 years with whom I have 2 children. I don’t fancy the part by my appearance, and nor do many others, in fact there were some women who looked and acted more “flirty girl” than myself, and there were also plenty of women who had children and had been married to men. I wasn’t alone in the sea of dykes and diesels, and I unknowingly found my way to them.

There were roughly 1100 women on our trip we invaded the Club Med in the Dominican like women trying to get on Oprah. The only males around were those that served us, and they did so unobtrusively. We came in all shapes and sizes, color and attitudes. As with the halls of your typical high school, women formed clusters and small groups out of gatherings. The smokers hung out together at one end of the pool, most of them were over-weight and nonathletic, throw in a few skinny fat girls and there you had your typical smokers circle. The smarter and thinner than most Asian women stayed together under the comfort of shaded-out of skin cancer causing rays-umbrellas playing Mahjong and cards. There were golfers, whom I never saw, tennis players, sun worshippers, non-meal skippers, bar whores, semi athletic types, runners, weight lifters, tattoo enthusiasts, strap-on hoisting dykes (not really, but maybe in their room) black girls with fruity drinks, black girls with velvet skin and well defined shoulders who played pro volleyball or basketball. Pasty, chubby white girls with that stomach knotting powdery smell, and sexy bottled blondes from the Northeast with Jersey accents, Midwestern girls with Nordic farmers bodies, West Coast girls with a touch of laid back snobbery, Southern girls with their spirit wear. Anorexic New Yorkers, with dogs in baby strollers, fiery Latina women with amazing tans and hot tempers were all represented on the Olivia-estrogen fueled vacation-the common hormone that brought us all together, our love of women.

There’s an interesting side effect of dating women, other women think you’re attracted to them just because you’re having sex with one. When I first started dating Susan someone told me that a friend was worried that I might possibly have a crush on her, or may have liked her in the past. During the Olivia trip I found that other women in love with women had experienced this same type of discrimination too. It made me feel good when a sexy, hip-shaking, attitude wearing Latina told me during one of our conversations, “I lost a friend because she thought I was hot for her. I told her just because I love one woman doesn’t mean I love them all. I’m not a man. You date men, do you love all men?” She’s right, that’s what some people don’t get, I tell people who are naïve enough to think that all Lesbians are lusting after them, “We’re not driven by our mounds the way men are with their dicks.” However, we can appreciate a beautiful woman and there was an abundance of them to revere.

I had many interesting conversations while sober and intoxicated. My favorite has to be while I was drunk and taking Zumba class on the beach. More to come through the fumes of alcohol.


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4 Responses to Naked, Needy, Nasty, and of course, Nosey

  1. Susie Lazega says:

    Oh drat…that’s not as bad of a cliff hanger – but it is a tease. Please remember that your readers are nosy & interested in the Zumba dance story…now you’ve spoiled me into thinking I could see 2 Shannon stories a week…Thanks a lot chica.

  2. Alecia says:

    Ha ha ha!

  3. Love this one. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Yeah, I’m one of those friends. I remember one of my gay male friends telling me the same thing years ago – that straight guys would get wigged out around him because they thought he was going to hit on them. He said exactly the same thing as you and the ladies – just because he was gay didn’t mean he was attracted to every man walking by.

  4. Kendra says:

    too funny!! I love looking at women too! Women are just so interesting and beautiful to look at no matter what sex you are attracted too.

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