The Voyeuristic Neighbor

I didn’t shrink back from a voyeuristic opportunity last night. It was too hard to look away, and so easy to stay focused. It was bedtime, around 10:00PM-time to let the stinky critters sniff about for the perfect spot. I noticed a light coming from my neighbor’s kitchen window. The glow begged a look. With a slight tilt of my head, I gazed into the private life of someone else framed perfectly like an X-rated picture.

I saw shadows of movement, and skin for the coming attraction. Anticipation grew out of my fear of getting caught, and excitement of what was to come. I briefly turned away as a cautionary measure. The dogs were now in the deepest part of the yard where the ivy is overgrown. I immediately contemplate the possibility of one of them being bitten by a snake. I didn’t linger there long. I wanted to see the show. I was privy to what all could possibly go on at my neighbors. I’d seen a little of it before.

I shifted my attention back towards the window, and boy was I glad. My eyebrows lifted with delight, as I rose to my toes at the sight of a stout naked woman head first in her refrigerator. Her firm backside smiled. In the next moment a tall, thin figure appeared. Her dark hair and pointy breasts moved forward. (Reminded me of a few lines from the song, “Night Moves,” by Bob Seger, “She was a little too tall could’ve used a few pounds, with points of her own, sitting way up high, well firm and high.”) I could see the outline of her ribs. She leaned over the other woman in a standing spoon position. The sturdier woman reached her hand around, placing it flat in a loving gesture on the back of her mate’s thigh. The receiver then placed her chin on her lovers shoulder, peering past her at the collection of cold-treats. I couldn’t scramble away fast enough. I needed a witness to my crime.

I tripped over myself to get to the door. Susan was inside getting ready for bed. I pushed it open and yelled; “There’s two naked lesbians in the kitchen! “Hurry, come quick!” I resumed my post just in time to see the thirsty, post-coitus twosome, hand in hand, walking away. Unfortunately, Susan didn’t make it out in time and she scolded me for continuing to spy.

It wasn’t that I saw two naked women who’d obviously just made love; it was that I saw them in a private moment. I see naked women at the gym everyday and it doesn’t faze me. If anything, I try not to look. However, catching humans behaving the way we do, without the eyes of the world, is what fascinates me. We all act differently when we think nobody else is watching.

For example, the next day I felt motivated to workout naked in my home. I sent Susan a text to tell her what I was up to, and she replied, “You’re just trying to one up the neighbor.” Maybe she was right, but it didn’t turn out so well. In all my freeness, I ended up pulling my pull-up bar off of the doorframe and onto my forehead-naked. I saw stars and stripes. Now, that’s a voyeur’s dream. Make sure to close your curtains before experimenting with nakedness.


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2 Responses to The Voyeuristic Neighbor

  1. Britt says:

    I was hoping you would write about this experience. I could picture your every move as you are so could with desciptive words. And your humor is shining through again!!

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