Communicating Messages to Myself

Sometimes our best advice is ours for the taking. What do you constantly preach to others that would serve you just as well, or better?

I’ve been working on a new writing assignment for the past few days. I’m writing a speech on the topic of communication for a friend. He’s presenting this info at a district conference for a multi-tiered, billion dollar company, listed 249 out of 500 top companies to work for by fortune 500.

In one paragraph, I wrote, (inspired by meetings, “self help,” variety-books, Buddhism, and a touch of Christianity, ”

There aren’t issues within relationships that can be fixed if we’re not the answer. This is true of home, and work related relationships. Humans, in relation to each other and events have three points of reference: yours, the truth and mine. Of course we all think our experiences in situations represent the absolute truth, and they do to a degree. What our vantage point does is convey our feelings, and feelings can’t be wrong or right because they’re not facts. And that’s the problem with communication; we’re all coming from our individual perspectives, which include, our experiences, and our limitations. In order to do move closer to the objective truth we have to be the solution. It starts by changing how we interact with others. It’s both futile and unjust to assume someone else is supposed to bend to fill the problem-mold.”

Boy, oh Boy, could someone please just inject that concept into my veins? It’s so damn hard to remember especially when every green light, to go into my “Core Issues” in overdrive is being lit up by a second party. My foot is heavy on the petal once I’m set in motion.

What would happen if we just stopped reacting and started sensing through the senses of objectivity, or even better, our counterparts to conversations and actions? Would that really be “Shalom,” or World Peace? Would it be the second coming of christ? Would the world then be considered “enlightened”?

I don’t know, but I tell you what, it will be a frick, fracking, freaking miracle if my words actually help this company. You know what? I believe they can.


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2 Responses to Communicating Messages to Myself

  1. Ken says:

    Hey Shannon what a daunting project!
    OK I like the speech and it could be that Im reading it while the kids are running around and making dinner at the same time but Ive read it about three times and Im still a little confused. I like the start and can relate but there are some things that stump me a bit. I mean I can guess what you are getting at but for instance, I dont know exactly what Shalom means, hello? greetings? Peace? And when you mention Core issues, I think the paragraph has typos so Im trying to self correct and I know you are saying that when someone does something that bugs you, it triggers ones personal baggage (core issues) and we react, sometimes irrationally, because we feel personally threatened. When we should take a breath, stand back and ask questions, right? I like the brevity and converstaional aspect of the paragragh but feel it needs tweeking.

    Love the last sentence, definately and attention grabber.

  2. Alecia says:

    @ Ken…. I believe just the first paragraph is the speech…. Right?..
    @ Shannon… Wow, good for you! Write on sister! (pun intended) Here’s my feedback.
    I love it! I might change the first sentence though.. It contains some double negative language (eg: aren’t, were not) that can be confusing for some people… Instead of ” There aren’t issues within relationships that can be fixed if were not the answer” Maybe “Issues within relationships cannot be fixed unless we are the answer” I would also add commas in two places. After “of course” in the 3rd sentence and after “objective truth” before “we have to be” in the 3rd to last sentence. Those are just some grammatical suggestions; otherwise, I think the content and style are perfect! The words are soooooo true!

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