The Towel Doesn’t Tear Too Far From The Roll

My daughter is my perfect reflection. She forces me to notice things about myself that I couldn’t see so well otherwise. She, like most children are the sense of humor and irony we parents are blessed with as one of our many life lessons.

She’s always under foot, questioning my every action, she notices me when I’m unaware of myself. She says things like, “You’re my mom, I know you. I’ve been watching you since I was born. I know what you’re thinking.” And most of the time she does, this horrifies me. Just today I said to her, “I’m tired, I don’t feel like talking right now.” She replied, “Well, you could’ve slept in but you went to yoga instead.”
(Um, Hello, what’s wrong with this picture?

However, for me, the scariest part about having a daughter has got to be her challenging behaviors–that make me the craziest-tire me, wear me down, annoy the EL-Fudge out me–are just mimicry. She came by these characteristics honestly and straight from the source–me. She is me, and she’s two hands full and a wet nap. She requires a lot of work. She’s needy, nosey, talkative, inquisitive, bossy, domineering, witty, clever, and quick with a biting quip; and great about bending the rules and apologizing for her behavior later.

This past friday I received a text from her teacher, (Yes her teacher and I are tight like that) that said, “Hi, S has reported that she has permission to take home our lovely hamsters this weekend. Is this correct? No worries if not–as she is unaware I am texting you. Just wanted to confirm before I allow her to babysit.” I responded, “LOL! No, She does not. Perhaps in the future if she discusses it with me first. You’re smart Ms. F. Thanks for checking with me. Too funny.” She wrote back, “HAHA, she is a mess. Glad I checked.”

And this is how our weekend started. It could be the phase of the moon, or my lack of sleep, but I already feel defeated by her and it’s only Saturday afternoon. Even her brother has had enough. I’ve heard him say at least 18 time this weekend, “Could you please STOP talking? All you do is talk! Talk, talk, talk. I can’t listen to you anymore.” This make me giggle each time I hear it, thinking to myself, wow, other people must think this about me, and often.

She is relentless in her quest for teaching me exactly who I am as a human. Thank God she’s adorable, loving, affectionate, funny, caring, patient, compassionate, loyal and 9; or else this roll just might just unfurl.

Thanks for listening. I love my little dumpling. The one my dad nick-named, “The God Father.” In preschool she was sent to time-out for hitting. However this didn’t stop her. She recruited another little girl to do her dirty work while she was incarcerated.

Yeah, the universe is laughing at me now. Ha, ha, you think you’re so funny, you big trickster. I hear ya loud and clear. This is about learning how to be patient, and not to resist what persists.

Pray for me, pray for us all.

PS. She looked over my shoulder and asked, “Why is that called, “The Towel Doesn’t Tear Too Far From The Roll?” Perfect.



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One Response to The Towel Doesn’t Tear Too Far From The Roll

  1. Kendra says:

    OMG That was hilarious! What a perfect little handful you have there.

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