Runs With Tigers

Runs With Tigers: When I change, my relationships change. I’m a good communicator, it’s my natural talent. I know how to say and write things in a way that resonates with others. I have words when others don’t. This is my gift, and it’s what makes me a good teacher. When I teach yoga I do more than instruct bodies, I teach people how to change. Not just their bodies, their perceptions, and therefore, their life experiences. And I speak to this with authentic, hard-earned knowledge, and life lessons. Growing up as an unplanned child of teenagers to a drug addicted and mentally ill mother, and an emotionally checked-out, critical father, I’ve had to work like a badass to overcome some shit: The neglect, abuse, abandonment, poverty, chaos, violence, instability, and lack of trust, (or nurturing environment,) did some damage. I’ve had to learn how to re-raise myself, and retrain the grooves in my brain that formed patterns of survival when I was little. I’ve had to work my brain like a muscle group, teaching it how to think in a different way, to practice, over and over again, like a posture, until my brain began to change. I’ve had to unlearn victim mentality, martyrdom, manipulation, and my pull towards darkness, my natural habitat, the place that feels so awful, and yet so familiar. I’ve had to teach myself to go against my inclinations, to turn away from them and towards something greater, my higher-self: The little girl in me that didn’t get what she needed, the sweet child-inside that deserved more. I had to stop waiting for the fucking Calvary, and get in there with her myself. There was/is no one else to save her. I am my own advocate, support system, mother and father, and I Run wild with Tigers because I’m scarce—one of a kind—and I’m predator-like against my own demons. So yeah, I walk the path, I fucking storm the path, Im learning how to overcome my self-limiting, self-destructive ways of thinking and I’m here to share my experiences. Sometimes I wander off the path and then realize I can only teach the way back if I, myself, become lost. What I have to offer is my words, and the lessons behind them. #yoga

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I'm like air, forever flowing, moving, changing, gaining and losing myself, undefinable. View my complete profile
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