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Cock Blocked

When I first sit down to write I take a few deep breaths and say a little prayer, asking for guidance and the courage to be honest, open and willing. I get quiet and feel out my gut. What is … Continue reading

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Primal Love

Hmm. Some things just feel unspeakable because saying them will make them true and sometimes the truth is too painful to know, so I avoid it. But this time I went towards it. I didn’t run away from myself. Early … Continue reading

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The Ways Of Love

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time accepting love. I don’t trust it. People give and receive love in all sorts of ways, and people take their love away, be it an hour at a time … Continue reading

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Death Of A Mask

The innards and guts spilled over like a cluster of tubeworms. They were shiny from fresh-death yet alive with the color of lobster bisque. The raccoon was on its side, face smashed, teeth revealed. I turned my wheel slightly to … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, Overeaters, and Over-thinkers

My children overheard me telling someone, “My girlfriend Susan is going to be on television. She’ll be promoting the gym where she works, by being the spokesperson for the “fitness tip of the week” on a local station.” The kids … Continue reading

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